What Do You Do When You Miss Your Goals?

Austin Marathon 2020 Finisher Medal

Many of you may know that I ran a marathon about a week ago. I had a goal for a time that I thought I could easily hit. I didn’t even come close. I realized I made way too many mistakes along the way to come close to me goal. What happens in life when we miss a goal?

  1. Figure out why you missed the goal. I immediately jumped into figuring out why I didn’t hit my time goal. I came up with at least eight reasons I didn’t achieve what I set out to. These weren’t excuses. They are things I did wrong. I did wrong. I messed up. I can fix what I messed up. Was your goal reasonable? Mine probably wasn’t. Did you run your plan? I didn’t. Did uncontrollable factors influence the outcome?
  2. Celebrate what you did achieve. I didn’t do this well. I bet myself up even before I finished. I was mad at myself. I cried. I yelled. The i stopped and laughed because I achieved something great. I actually finished a marathon and maybe .5% of people ever do that. I still finished in the 50% of my gender and age. I completed a hard thing. Take time to celebrate. You did more than if you wouldn’t have had a goal at all.
  3. Know what you will do different next time. I am getting help to coach me to victory for the next time. I have already researched what my next race can be. I have strategized new tactics. I will hit my goals. What new information do you need? Who can help you? Are you setting reasonable goals.
  4. Remember you aren’t what you achieve or don’t achieve. Make sure you aren’t finding you identity in what you do. You aren’t what you do. You are who God says you are. I believe that goals can glorify Him but we shouldn’t glorify our goals.

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