How we evaluate large group presentations

Part of the “Delivering the Word To Kids” Series

I wanted to show you how we have begun to evaulate our large group presentations. I have made a form that I think has been helpful to many of our presenters. I came up with this by thinking of all the things I had learned about public speaking over the years. I then put them in a checklist form to help remind our teachers. I have them fill it out because I want them to begin to self evaluate. I make corrections as needed if I see they aren’t being honest with themselves.

(One is the lowest rating with 5 being the  best.)

I’ll break down each one for you:

Were you in the class 30 minutes or earlier than start time? Y/N

(Late people don’t present well. You will connect with kids in large setting if you connect with them beforehand in a one on one setting.)

How prepared were you? 1-5 ____

(You can get more on this here.)

How long did you spend preparing and praying? ____

(This is measuring stick of preparation.)

How confident were you when presenting? 1-5 ____

(Here’s how to be more confident.)

How well did feel you connected with kids? 1-5 ____

(Nothing else matters if the kids aren’t getting it.)

How well do you feel that the kids understood the main points? 1-5 ____

(We need to make sure that the kids get the big idea, main point, etc for that day.)

How well do you think you executed the illustrations? 1-5 ____

(Preparation and confidence have to meet with execution eventually.)

How would you rate the overall lesson plan for this service? 1-5 ____

(If someone doesn’t connect with or understand our lesson plan then it will alter the outcome.)

How well did the kids behave during your segments? 1-5 ____

(Behaviour is a telling sign that kids are paying attention and engaged.)

How well did the kids behave overall? 1-5 ____

(If they behave during another segment, but not yours, there maybe something you are missing. Or vice versa.)

Did you use kids names while talking? Y/N

(The sweetest sound in the human language is our own name.)

Did the kids ever laugh while you were talking (with you, not at you)? Y/N

(Laughter releases chemicals in the brain that enhance memory.)

Did you maintain eye contact? Y/N

(I try to make sure that I connect with as many in the audience as I can.)

Did you use different voice volumes, tones and intensities while speaking? Y/N

(No one likes listening to a monotone speaker.)

Did you make it personal? Y/N

(You can’t separate yourself from passion. If you are passionate about something you will be in it.)

Did you have fun presenting? Y/N

(If we answer no to this we may be in the wrong ministry or need an overhaul.)

Did you allow the Holy Spirit to speak thru you? Y/N

(You can’t do this on your own.)

Did you use methods that caused the kids to interact? Y/N

(Did they have to do anything that pulled them into the presentation? Kid’s learn by doing more than just hearing. Make it an experience.)

When you weren’t talking, were you supporting the speaker? Y/N

(We ask all our teachers to help police the behavior of kids during the class time.)

Did this lesson help kids to do one or more of our four pillars of vision? (Circle all that

Develop a closer relationship with God?
Be filled with the Holy Spirit, faith & power?

Experience, develop, or share God’s love?
Find their identity according to the Word?

(These are our four pillars of spiritual development in kids. If we are doing anything outside of these we have gone astray and need to refocus.)

How long did your segment go? (should be 5-10 minutes long) _____ minutes

(Kid’s attention spans are limited. I would rather leave them wanting more than wondering when its over.)


6 thoughts on “How we evaluate large group presentations”

  1. This is great! Thank you for sharing this…just what I needed to help my large group presentation team own their development.

  2. Do you give this to everyone in printed form every week? How did your team respond to it? Do you go over it with them? Do you ever fill one out for them?

    It is a great idea.

    1. Its in a central location they all know about. They liked the idea because it gave them exactly what I was looking for from them. I did go over it and I also did a workshop on it and broke each thing down like I did above.

      I filled one out on myself and showed some of them. We have gotten away from it but it was really just a starter to get them on the right path. We saw significant improvement from the people who applied it.

  3. Is the pdf file download still available? I’m looking to evaluate each element of our large group service and could use some help. When click on pdf it says it is no longer available. Thanks.

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