Recap of Team Church One Day Houston

Last week our church went to the Team Church one day in Houston Texas. Here’s a few of my takeaways. First I went to a pre-conference Legacy team meeting. Legacy team is basically for those in your church who feel called to be generous. It creates lanes for givers to give towards special projects etc. I like that it was lead by lay people and that we got to hear form one of the givers from Champions Centre.

The conference kicked off with worship and then Pastor Kevin Gerald. His message was from his new book Naked and Unafraid. It was basically about David as he danced before the Lord and how his wife watched form the window while he danced in the streets. Pastor Kevin said thats the choice we have to watch form the window or to dance in the streets. He talked about the power of vulnerability.

Throughout the day we got to hear from other members of the Team Church tribe, including Brandon Stewart of Leading Second. A few of my favorite takeaways of the day were:

Don’t be so pressured to be who you’re “supposed” to be that you don’t become who you’re “meant” to be.

You can’t keep your distance and fulfill your destiny.

People who are good to you aren’t always good for you.

Serve your way into purpose.

Ask clarifying questions not qualifying questions.

Understanding usually follows obedience.

Win your fight so you have street red to help someone else win their fight.

Pastor Kevin gave everyone his books and I’m looking forward into diving into it after I finish our upcoming 6-week sermon series and book. I look forward to attending more team church events in the future.

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