Leadership by Joshua Part 3

Joshua isn’t mentioned again until Numbers 11. Here we see as God has Moses pick 70 elders to help him lead. God took the spirit that was upon Moses and put it on the 70. They began to prophesy. Even two of them who weren’t gathered with the others prophesied. Joshua got jealous and told Moses to make them stop. Moses said he wished everyone was a prophet.

Here’s what we can learn from Joshua and this passage.

1) Don’t be jealous of other leaders. God is calling us all to lead. Not everyone will answer, but know what God has called you to do. I remember when I had a chance to practice this when I was younger. My pastor told someone in front of me that they were his favorites. A voice on the inside said “no fair, I’ve been more faithful than they have.” I checked that attitude and rejoiced with them instead of being jealous.

2) We need help to do what we are called to do. Moses would have liked to lead a whole nation of prophets. Always search for ways to pass the leadership baton on.

3) We receive the same “spirit” that is on our leader. I have seen this as I am serving on staff at my third church. Each pastor had a special anointing, I always ministered in that same spirit. The longer I served, the more I became like them, for better or worse.

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