Leadership by Joshua Part 4

In Numbers 13 the children of Israel reach the doorstep of the land of Canaan. You may know the story of the twelve spies but did you know they weren’t only spies, they were leaders. (see verse 2)

Ten of the twelve came back with a negative report. Joshua and Caleb wanted to go and take the land immediately. A whole nation’s destiny was delayed based on the report of these leaders.

As leaders we need to guard our response to adversity. Adversity comes and goes. Problems always look smaller after a period of time passes. Difficulties appear larger than life when we are standing right before them and staring.

As leaders, we must watch our thoughts, attitudes, and words. Were the giants large? Yes. Is God bigger than the giants? Yes. Don’t let the giants of life delay your destiny. Keep your confession in line with His promises. You are well able to possess the land!

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