Start with the Word

I was in a meeting the other day reviewing a sermon that our youth pastor was about to preach on the weekend. One of the things our lead pastor said something to the effect of: “Sometimes youth pastors like to come up with creative points of a sermon and then find scriptures to add in later. You have to start with the Word and then build the sermon. I know youth pastors don’t read their Bibles.” He was only half joking on that last part. 

I know I have been guilty of this in kids ministry also. I sometimes like to get all creative and then add in a Bible story in for good measure. I’ve resisted that temptation lately. Another tempatation is to only read the Bible for looming for sermon ideas. We need to read for our personal benefit and then we will see how God opens up ideas from the Word. He wants to speak to you personally from His Word. God will speak a Word to you to speak to the people.

We as pastors and ministers should be so full of God’s Word that it just spills out of us. Start with the Word and then get a creative plan from God.

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