Do it anyway…

I once talked to a pastor about how his church ministered to the poor. He said they didn’t because “when you minster to the needy the greedy show up.”

It’s true that when we minister to the need the greedy do show up. We should do it anyway. We do out best to vet people and let God sort it out from there.

I once heard a pastor say that they didn’t do small groups as a church because when you give people leadership they might lead people astray.

It’s true that when you give people leadership they can use it for wrong. We train, equip, and coach leaders and trust that the potential for good is bigger than the potential for bad.

I know communicators who don’t like being authentic because people will think less of them as a leader.

Some people may think less of you when you’re authentic but more will hear your story and have hope. Be true and give God the glory.

Sometimes I think that if I’m vulnerable that I’m opening up myself to be hurt. Instead, I try to pretend to be strong.

The truth is that vulnerable in the right setting opens me up to healing and growth.

We can’t always avoid every risk that may open us up to being hurt or taken advantage of. When we avoid all risk we avoid all reward. Sometimes we must step out of the boat and risk sinking to walk with with Jesus.

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