What I look for in leaders…

I need other leaders to help me do what God has called me to do. I look for certain things in leaders both that lead me and those I lead. It begins at home though. I have to be everything I want them to be.

1) faithfulness -I can’t depend on you if I can’t depend on you.

2) attitude – attitude is contagious, I will not submit myself or those I lead to poor attitudes. Attitude is more important to me than talent (see: parable of talents)

3) action – it isn’t about just potential, but actually doing something with it. Leaders lead while everyone else is figuring out what to do.

4) loyalty – to God, and all leadership levels above and below me.

5) character – people who have character and aren’t just characters. This is what I call being a Godly leader and not just a good leader.

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