We’ve done all we can do…

Summer has been a big change for us. We bought a house (that was smaller than the house we were renting), had a high school graduation, and are transitioning our oldest to college. Next week we will be up in Missouri dropping our daughter off at Mizzou. We are learning to trust God in a new way in this season. She will be 14 hours away from us for the first time.

We have done all we can do for her as parents. I spent the last few weeks showing her how to change a tire and other important things that seem to get pushed aside by the urgent things. While we aren’t done being her parents, we’re done with things being the way they were. Its a new season for her and for us. Our relationship with morph into something new. We have invested, mentored, coached, nurtured, and loved her to this point.

We have done all we can do at this point and now we trust. We trust that our friends and family will be there when she needs them. We trust that she will remember what we’ve taught her. We trust that she will find a new faith community. We trust that God has got this. We trusted God through all of this and now all we can do is trust Him.

Trust God in all you do as a parent and when you don’t know what else to do, keep trusting.

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