Vote for me Kidmin Blog Madness Final Four

Vote for the ultimate Cinderella team: Jason Martin

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Somehow I have made it to the finals. I am happy no matter what the outcome but I want to win. Its a pretty big feat to be here considering I was one of the last four in the field of 68. As Tony Kummer stated, I am the ultimate Cinderella of this years tournament. I am running against Jim Wideman and Jenny Funderburke. They are both people who I enjoy reading after of course. Jim isn’t actively campaigning so lots of people who would normally be voting for him are voting for Jenny instead. So that being said, I am a long shot still to win it. Even Anthony Prince could make a run at it.

That all being said make sure you vote for me.

Jenny Funderburke: 2012 Blog Madness Champion

</shameless self promotion>

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