In our society today everyone seems to be offended by everything and therefore people seem to want to ban everything that could be seen as offensive. The lie is that we should all live in acceptance and love for everyone by never calling anyone out about anything.

Jesus didn’t subscribe to this theory. He confronted both the irreligious and the religious. To the woman at the well He asked “Where is your husband?” knowing all week that she had many husbands and was living in sin. To the woman caught in adultery He commanded “Go and sin no more!” He called the Pharisees hypocrites and snakes. He called Peter out for speaking on behalf of Satan.

People will tell you today that if you stand for truth you’re being “hateful”. I know that if someone truly loves me they will tell me the truth. There is no truth without love and no love without truth. Jesus personified love but at the same time personified truth. He even called Himself the Truth.

How about you what Truth do you need in your life?





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