Thoughts on Transition

Its been a month since I’ve posted because Rachel and I have accepted a ministry position at River Valley Church in Apple Valley Minnesota. I’ve done a few posts on transitions here and here.

I plan on taking my own advice.

1) I plan on encouraging myself through this time. The Bible tells us that David encouraged himself in the Lord. I appreciate others who have encouraged my family in this time also.

2) I am excited about my new mission and position at River Valley. I spent about an hour in the St. Louis airport yesterday meditating and writing some things out. I am REALLY excited to walk these things out.

3) I’m not afraid or panicking. Someone asked me if I was nervous about messing up such an awesome opportunity. I told them not one bit. Everything I have experienced so far in life has prepared me for this.

4) Moses told Joshua to be strong and courageous. God has already begin to work wonders on our behalf and we know there are more to come. While this is a time of bitter-sweetness, I am strong and courageous.

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