Leadership by Joshua Part 1

Every time I read the Word, I learn something. One, because it is a living book, two, because I expect to learn something. This past school year I was teaching Old Testament Survey 1 & 2 in the Bible school campus. I read most of the Old Testament as I was instructing and saw several things that I hadn’t seen before. I also saw a few things in a new way. Reading about Joshua particularly spoke to me.

Moses was the first leader of the nation of Israel. We can learn a lot about leadership from reading his story. I have heard many teachings about the leadership principles of Moses. We see him building a hierarchy of leadership and a chain of command. I want to concentrate on one thing that he did and that was turn Joshua into a leader.

The first time we see Joshua is in Exodus 17. The children of Israel come up against the Amalekites. Moses had a plan and he included others in it. Who are you including in your God-given plans? Aaron and Hur were chosen to stand with Moses while the battle was raging. Joshua was to lead the actual battle. When Moses arm with staff outstretched stayed up the Israelites would have the advantage and when his arm came down the battle would go in favor of the Amalekites. Aaron and Hur help up the arms of Moses and the battle was won.

We are told that Joshua won the battle. So the first principle of leadership I see concerning Joshua is to bring some help to the battle. Moses knew (whether by direct divine voice or wisdom we know not) that Joshua was a leader who needed to get a win under his belt. Which leaders in your organization need a battle to fight for the good of the mission? Who needs to be out in front leading the godly charge? Moses knew he would have a successor and Joshua was being groomed. See verse 14 where Moses commands a note be taken for Joshua to review in the future. Moses wanted to be sure Joshua did not forget what happened at this battle. What are you making sure the leaders around you do not forget? The Amalekites needed to be wiped out for what they did. What problems in your organization need to be eliminated and who is the Joshua to do it?

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