That’s not the way I thought it would go…

When we feel like God has called us to do something and we confirm it multiple ways we can fall into the trap of thinking that means that path will be easy. Just because God has called us to do something doesn’t mean that He will remove all obstacles from our path. The bigger the fight, the bigger the victory.

I was talking to a leader who had fasted, prayed and sought counsel about making a path change. Everything lined up and he and his wife felt that God was in the decision. He was telling me that some of the circumstance hadn’t been easy. I told him that of course is standard for following God. He doesn’t make it easy all the time. Not everything will line up without a fight.

We aren’t called to be led by our circumstances to justify our decisions. Our feelings can’t justify our decisions either. The voice of God trumps our mood. His Presence trumps our bank account. His Wisdom trumps our current trials and tribulations. What are you trusting in?

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