Taught and Caught – Teaser

I’ve heard it said that “the principles of faith are taught, but the spirit of faith is caught.” We must see that the children we minister to get not only the principles but catch the spirit behind them. There are four important principles of faith that I believe God has called me (and those I lead) to impart to kids. There are as follows:

1) Know God
2) Learn who you are in Christ
3) Be filled with the Spirit
4) Walk in love

I know there are many other things we can teach, but I believe all of the major doctrines of the church can fit in those four. Over the next few Fridays I will be breaking down each one as I see it.

1 thought on “Taught and Caught – Teaser”

  1. Good to see you made it to your next mission. I know God has great plans for you. Your family will stay in our prayers back here.
    I plan to keep learning from you. So I’ll be following your blogs.
    God bless you pastor.

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