Taught and Caught Part 4

The fourth and final principle I believe God has called us to impart is  WALK IN LOVE.

In Ephesians 3:19 asks us to know God’s love even though we can’t fully understand it. I believe His love is something that we must experience and demonstrate to really know. In 1 Corinthians 13  says that love is more bigger than prophecy, tongues, self sacrifice, and social causes. John writes that God is love. I believe that if we could take a slice of God and look at it under a microscope we would see love in His DNA. Jesus said love would be the mark that others would know we are Christians. He defined all the commandments in four words, “love God, love others”.

Our kids need to know that God loves them and they need to reciprocate that love back to Him. Then they will take it to the world. One of my favorite books on this subject (and overall favorite books come to think of it) is Brother Hagin’s Love the Way to Victory. His stories of God bringing him to a place of victory through walking in love are a great source of encouragement to me in my ministry and personal life.

The love of God has to be our highest aim in life. His love for us is so vast because He is so vast. Our kids need to experience that love in their everyday lives and especially in our churches.


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