Taught and Caught Part 3

The third principle to impart is BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT.

One of the chores I have passed off to my daughters is making sure our Chihuahua Katy has fresh water and food. Kathryn (10) does the food and Lauren (5) does the water. I have noticed when the water bowl gets a little too full that when you walk from the sink it spills a little on the floor. We make sure to only fill it about half full so none spills out. Whatever you are full of in life will come out when you move and when someone “bumps” you.

Our children need to be completely full of the Holy Spirit. Yeah that’s right, He didn’t stop moving in the Bible times. He is still working today. According to my Bible studies I have never found a Junior Holy Spirit mentioned. That means that same Spirit that moved on the face of the waters in Genesis lives in them. Our children have the same Holy Spirit that moved on the grave and rolled the stone away and released untold power to bring Christ up from the grave. The Pentecost experience is for my children! The glory of God that fell so heavy that folks couldn’t stand is at work in my family. The Spirit that turned the world upside in Acts, is waiting to do the same today.

Your kids will be full of something. It will be whatever you put in them. Brother Kenneth E. Hagin talked about  that there would be a move of the Spirit that would be lost to this generation if they weren’t taught about and exposed to it. Sometimes we shy away from doing that because we think they can’t fully understand the things of God. Well go ahead and show me the adult who fully understands all the things of God and I’ll agree with you.

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