Taught and Caught – Part 2

The second principle to teach and throw out there is LEARN WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST.

Have you ever met someone who used a certain word and it was clear that they did not know the meaning of the word? Have you shared the correct definition and usage with that person and they still deny it?  You take them to the dictionary and they are humbled. I probably have fallen victim to using a word incorrectly myself. In our society we often do the same to describe people.

This world loves to incorrectly label and define people. Doctors, teachers, parents, psychiatrists, judges, police, analysts, and even pastors define people.  We are  looked at by what we have, what we’ve done, what we haven’t done, how we act, the mistakes we make, the disorders we have, our heritage, where we went to school, where we live, who we are related to and so many more are things.

Look it up, God’s Word has a different definition for people. We can take our definitions from we call the “in Christ” scriptures. Basically any phrase with the words “in Christ”, “in Him, “by Christ”, “through Christ” etc define who we are and what we have spiritually through the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We need to teach our children their godly heritage and by that I don’t mean that George Washington prayed over his food. They need to know what Christ did for them to “recreate” who they are.


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