Taught and Caught – Part 1

The first principle we must teach and help the children catch is to KNOW GOD.

For years the purpose of Christian education was to teach them about God and about the Bible. We must take it to the next level and see that kids know God personally. It’s a cliche we love to use: “It’s about a relationship, not a religion.” We sometimes don’t live that out. Knowing how many animals Noah took in the ark won’t save anyone. Knowing God as our Savior, Lord, and Friend will.

One of the ways I demonstrate this by asking kids if they know Lebron James. They all raise their hands and say “I know Lebron.” I reply “Oh, really? You know Lebron? How many times have you been to his house? Does he know your name? Do you hang out together?” They answer “no”. That’s the difference in knowing who someone is and knowing them. God wants to talk to and with the kids in our ministries.


We can move beyond knowing God and also be known for being like God. It makes me proud to see my good attributes in my children. (Yeah I have a few of those.) People comment often about how Lauren gets here funny facial expressions from me. Other times they will say how one of the girls looks so much like their mother when she was their age. I know that God’s face lights up when other notice Him in us. His ability, power, love, grace, and character are alive on the inside of us due to the empty grave.


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