Survive the fallout!

One thing you always see when the “zombies” take over or after the “bomb” goes off is people banding together. They pool their resources and depend on each other. Some of the fiction will even have people who previously hated each other putting aside their differences to survive.

We shouldn’t have to wait for a disaster to band together in the body of Christ. People in these stories sacrifice for each other. They share their meager resources. They learn from each others expertise. They depend on each other. We could learn from them. We need a good team to survive against the forces of this world.

In our ministries we need to…

Band together
Your team will make or break you. You need people who can do what only they can do so you can do what only you can do. Live in community, grow together as you grow like Christ.
Use your resources wisely
Whether you have a budget with zero digits, six digits, or anything in between you need to be a wise steward. Ask God how you can allocate every dollar and more importantly, every person.

Only then can we overcome this dark world.


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