Super Teams

I’m doing a teaching this Sunday to our Kidmin leadership team on 10 Characteristics of  a “Super” team. Here’s a seven other thoughts on developing a “super” team.

  • Super teams have goals and they all work towards them together.
    Just imagine if a team didn’t know where their goal was and players decided themselves which goal would be best.  I can’t imagine that team winning too many games. The goals are clearly marked for all to see. Our goals must be easy for everyone to identify.
  • Super teams have good players in key positions.
    Identify your key positions and staff your best people there.
  • Super teams draft and sign to address their weaknesses.
    If you find you don’t have the people for the key positions you had better figure out how to get people in those positions.
  • Super teams play to their strengths.
    Good running teams run the ball a lot. Teams with great passers and receivers throw it a lot. Identify what you are good at and make that your bread and butter.
  • Super teams look alike.
    Teams wear uniforms so they can have a sense of uniformity and togetherness.I am not suggested that we should all look alike but we should be just as uniform in our vision, attitudes and purpose.
  • Super teams identify and do what it takes to win.
    No team who never scored a point, won a championship. How do you keep score? How do you know if you are winning? If you don’t know the score or even how to score, your team won’t know what intensity to serve at. They won’t know what they are doing right or wrong.
  • Super teams learn from their losses.
    When a great team loses, they look at film to figure out what they did wrong or what they other guy was doing right. We need to be continually evaluating our systems and programs. 




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