Stay Out of the Ditches

Part of the “Delivering the Word To Kids” Series

I see two ditches when it comes to preparation and execution.

1) Religiously sticking to the script.

This person will only say what is on the paper and everything on the paper at that. They will read it word for word. They often put nothing of themselves into the presentation. We need to speak with creativity and passion and not just with paper.

2) Not having a script.

This person flies by the seat of their pants when they decide to wear pants. Amongst the circles I run with they like to excuse this by saying they are “being spirit-led”. Some even argue that if you plan things out you are pushing the Holy Spirit out. Its as if they believe that the Holy Spirit doesn’t know what He wants to do until the minute He wants to do it. They believe the Holy Spirit can see the future but apparently not when it comes to what needs to happen in a service that points kids to Jesus. (I still love you guys.)


Just because you know someone who goes into one ditch doesn’t mean you live in the other one.

Plan and be passionate.

Have a strategy and be flexible.

Study and be spirit-led.

We had a great opportunity to do that this week. We had a great service planned but I had a great idea to demonstrate faith to the kids in the middle of our plan. I got it together right then and executed it flawlessly. It was a great win and didn’t take away from our bottom line.

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