So you want a coach?

Too often those who can’t do try to coach.

I listened to a great podcast today from Michael Hyatt that mentioned that issue in not so many words. What are your thoughts on someone who failed at doing becoming a coach? Does that hit too close to home for you?  Do you believe that someone who has never succeeded in any field can still be a good coach? 

A few months ago I was offered coaching via LinkedIn by someone who didn’t have a proven track record for the area that they were soliciting to coach me in. They seemed like they couldn’t make it in that field so struck out on their own to coach others and used a church name to try and get business. I believe I can learn from anyone but some things just aren’t worth the investment required. I politely declined.

If you have a coach what are the criteria you used in picking them? Would you let a broke person coach your finances? Would you let an out of shape person coach your fitness? How do you measure the track record of a life coach, business coach, or executive coach?

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