Smile through the squeal…

So this weekend my pastor was gracious enough to ask me to do offering and announcements in the main service. I always want to take those opportunities because they make for great exposure for our kid’s ministry. I tired to be excellent but warm. I think I pulled off being a little funny without being goofy. This was to be my first platform exposure to Element Church.

It didn’t start off too well though. As I was waiting backstage during the last song on Saturday night, Pastor Erik let me know that he was changing the flow and asked me if I was OK with him doing the offering instead. I said “of course”, as it was my honor to do whatever he needed me to do. That was the first wrench in the machine. I love to practice what I’m going to say and work on a rhythm. I went ahead and got psyched up for just jumping in on the announcements.

As pastor finished praying I walked out the stage and it happened… the dreaded low end feedback. I panicked inside. Was I supposed to keep talking? Was I supposed to be quiet until the fixed it? I hadn’t even said anything yet. I smiled and analyzed my situation. I wanted to run off the stage. How embarrassing! It felt like it lasted for an hour but it was probably more like 5 seconds.

I stayed put and started talking. The amazing audio team worked it out. I struggled through the first announcement but by the end I relaxed and turned it around. This reminds me a a few strategies for when things go wrong.

1) Stay put. Don’t run away from your trouble. It will probably make things worse.
2) Be prepared. Because I was prepared I could lean back on what I knew to do instead of winging it.
3) Relax and trust God. I trusted the tech team just like I’ve learned to trust God.
4) Do what has to be done. I went through the announcements and people probably won’t forget how I smiled through the squeal.

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  1. I had low end feedback during worship in kids church yesterday. It was during the slow song and all the kids freaked out. I realized it was me and quickly made the change to my mic. We just kept on rolling and the kids quickly recovered.

    Good stuff.

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