Self or Christ ?

Self says “I am enough”
Christ says we aren’t enough but He is

Self says “I’m a good person”
Christ says we aren’t good but He is

Self says “I’m always right”
Christ says we have been made the righteousness of God in Him

Self says “I’m sufficient”
Christ says you’re insufficient but in Him we are made sufficient

Self says “I can do anything in my own strength”
Christ says we can do it in His strength

Self says “I strive to get all I want”
Christ says to be content in Him

Self says “I can have it my way”
Christ says “I am the way”

Self says “I am living my truth”
Christ says “I am the truth”

Self says “Life is what you make it”
Christ says “I am life”

Self says “I’ve got to work hard to be fruitful”
Christ says grow spiritual fruit

Self says I got to survive
Christ says die to self

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