Raising Champions – Jephthah

One of my favorite Bible characters is Jephthah. He was one of the Judges of Israel and his story is found in Judges 11 and 12. The Ammonites had attacked and subdued God’s people. The people, and specifically Jephthah’s brothers turned to Jephthah for help. But you see there was one thing about Jephthah, his brothers had shunned him because of his mother, she was a prostitute. In fact the scriptures introduce him as “a mighty man of valour, and he was the son of an harlot” (Judges 11:1 KJV).

Wow what an introduction. That was how everyone saw him, a son of a harlot. Obviously, he did not see himself that way. He gathered up a band of misfits and became their leader. He took that band of worthless losers and helped deliver his people. He was also smart enough to make his brothers agree to put him in charge after he defeated the Ammonites.

Maybe as a  parent you say “How can I raise good kids when I have failed in my own life?” Well look to the example of Jephthah. You don’t need to be perfect to start leading your family.  Start to see yourself as a champion, and start raising champions.

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