Questions, questions


Why do you ask questions?

I was at CPC this year as you may have seen from another post. The one and only Jim Wideman was looking for former and current Infuse people to man the “#kidmin genius bar”. I love the CPC experience but I got more out of the event by simply talking to people and asking questions. I even learned a few things by the questions people asked me. It really got me thinking.

Reasons people ask questions…

  • to gather info
  • to get to know more about someone
  • to teach
  • to learn
  • I used to think that having all the answers made me smart, but now I know that it’s asking the right questions. Even Jesus answered questions with questions. Even if I don’t know all the answers I love it when people ask me questions. I can tell that a person is willing to learn when they are asking questions and looking for answers.

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