Powerful Prayer Thursday – Isaiah 54:13

Isaiah 54:13 (NLT)

I will teach all your children, and they will enjoy great peace.

I remember when I discovered that my teachers at school did not know everything. I was pretty ornery and would try to catch them making a mistake. I am sure they really loved that. I am glad God delivered me from such an attitude of superiority. Now, imagine a perfect teacher who holds all the knowledge in the universe. What better teacher could one have that knows everything? That’s what he promised us.

Here’s what I confess over my daughters. Once again feel free to change the names and pray it over your children or yourself.

“Kathryn, Lauren, and Trinity are taught by you Lord. This causes them to have great confidence and peace in all learning endeavors. They are learners and leaders. Learning comes easy to them. They have excellent mental recall. They are composed and wise. They don’t forget what they’ve learned”

2 thoughts on “Powerful Prayer Thursday – Isaiah 54:13”

  1. Love it, you know the whole of Isaiah 54 the Lord has used mightily in my life and the life of my children! Back in oh right around 2003-2004, not sure of exactly when I was prompted to go back and reread Isaiah 54…my adult children weren’t necessarily in good places. He should me that verse and to this day I still confess it for my children!

    God has put Krislin in ministry, Jenika too, Christopher attend Grace Christian Acadamy, and Joshua is attending Missouri Baptist University…ALL my children are taught of the Lord!!! I am still confessing this for my oldest son and I know that God is faithful.

    Thank you Pastor Jason!!

    P.S. Have I told you I miss you? 🙂

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