Next Kid's Life Sunday Series "The Holy Spirit In My Life"…

6 Week Series running Sunday, January 29 – Sunday, March 4.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is still at work in the earth today. Not only that, but there is no “Junior Holy Spirit” in the Bible. The same Spirit that filled and empowered the early church is available for kids today. In Acts 19:2 Paul asked certain disciples if they had received the Holy Spirit. They replied that they hadn’t even heard of the Holy Spirit. I believe the first step in making sure this generation is filled with the Spirit is to first introduce them to Him. This series will be instrumental in doing that.

Lesson titles:

  • The Holy Spirit In Me
  • Does God Speak To Kids?
  • The Inward Voice
  • Filled With The Spirit
  • Why Tongues?
  • Gifts of the Spirit

Your child can get a head start on memorizing the bottom lines and verses here. We will be launching our Bible Bucks Store in correlation with this series. Kids will be able to save up points (all recorded in secure database) to purchase various prizes.


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