My Daily Affirmations Part 3

I wrap up my list of daily affirmations today. I pray that this list inspires you to create your own that works for your personal relationship with God. Is there anything I’m missing? I’d love your feedback.

  1. I have self control through God’s Spirit 
  2. I am wise beyond my years because God is my source of wisdom
  3. I value the voices God has put in my life
  4. Submission begins where agreement ends
  5. I trust God no matter what!
  6. I have a bias towards action, I’m a doer 
  7. I value feedback because correction is for my protection, not rejection 
  8. I get angry but don’t sin, I properly channel anger
  9. I ask the right questions 
  10. I’m quick to listen and slow to speak, quick to forgive  
  11. I’m good with money, I have witty ideas and financial strategies 
  12. I’m redeemed from the curse of the law, my past, and my mistakes 
  13. I am more than victorious in Christ!
  14. I add value to the body of Christ
  15. I walk in divine health
  16. By his stripes I am healed
  17. I have all the energy I need to complete my calling 

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