My Daily Affirmations Part 2

Here’s the next section of my daily affirmations. Feel free to use and adapt these for your own use. I pick things I know that I must continue to work on in my life.

  1. My gift makes room for me
  2. My calling is irrevocable 
  3. I have spiritual gifts
  4. I walk in the prophetic realm 
  5. I see clearly as God sees
  6. I have spiritual insight – a spirit of seeing and knowing
  7. I’m his sheep, I hear his voice and the voice of a stranger I don’t follow
  8. I have a deep understanding of His Word, it speaks out to me and I hear
  9. I’m a part of the tribe and spiritual family God has put me in
  10. I guard my eyes, ears, mouth, and heart
  11. I am Holy as God is Holy and I have his Character 
  12. The love of God is in my heart and I fully understand it
  13. Joy is my strength
  14. Peace rules my mind because I’m taught of God
  15. I am a kind and patient person
  16. I respond gently always 
  17. I am generous to others because God is good

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