I’m reading a great book by John Maxwell, The 5 Levels of Leadership. He talks a little about momentum that I thought I would post. Maxwell talks about how momentum is gained through sustaining high morale and high productivity over time. Momentum makes every task easier to do and without it everything can be harder.

He compares it to a tide and says that when it comes to momentum there are three types of people:

Momentum Takers
These are people who neither create or fight the flow. They are just along for the ride. I think that most people fall in this category.

Momentum Makers
These are people who generate momentum. These are the people who have potential to be high level leaders.

Momentum Breakers
These are folks who want to stop momentum and keep others from producing momentum. They are the people who are always causing trouble whether they mean to or not.


So which category do you fall in? Are you taker, maker, or breaker?

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