McDonald's Style Kids Ministry?

20120131-181109.jpg I think there are some things we can learn from McDonald’s both positive and negative. McDonald’s revolutionized the way families dined out. Before they came along restaurants allowed you to bring your kids but they frowned upon them actually acting like kids. McDonald’s welcomed your children. They built play structures. They had a specialized menu. They gave kids cheap toys for eating there and put them in a colorful package. Sure it wasn’t healthy, but it was quick and easy.

Here’s some of what I think we should emulate:

  • Same “meat”, different portions…

McDonald’s makes smaller burgers for kids made from the same type of “meat” as the adult sized burgers have. Kids need to hear the same life changing Word as adults do. Just keep the portion size down and make it easy for them to bite into.

  • Throw in a toy and out it in a fancy box….

McDonald’s packaging is visually appeasing to kids. They tie into movies and TV that kids enjoy via their prize selections. We have such a more fulfilling and healthy product but we try to package it in a dirty ole brown paper bag and then wonder why no one wants a taste.

  • Fun play environments…

McDonald’s knows that parents will bring their children just to play on the slide and in the ball pit. It provides a fun experience that the kids associate with the food. Our worship experiences should be even more fun and we need to invest resources to assure that happens.

  • Market, market, market…

McDonald’s has had some interesting marketing over the years. It has obviously worked. McDonald’s is everywhere. I’ve been to two of the largest McD’s in the world; Moscow, Russia and that one over the turnpike in Oklahoma. Again, we have a better message but we don’t know how to market it.

Here’s what we should avoid…

  • Doing what’s popular and easy instead of what’s right…

They are super popular, but that doesn’t make the food they serve healthy. We need to do what’s best for the kids and families that we serve. That won’t always be the most popular choice.

What other ways do you think the church should be like and not be like McDonald’s?

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