May 16 Elementary Parent Update

Elementary Parent,

I want to say thanks for giving us the opportunity to minster to your children. This week our lesson was “Read the Bible”, the verse was I Peter 2:2, “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word
that you may grow…” (KJV). We talked about how we need to read the Bible everyday and read it slow enough to be able to understand it. One tip I would give kids (or adults for that matter) is to journal what they have read. They can write down anything that stands out to them or even things that don’t seem to make sense. When they have questions they can ask a parent or even bring it to a pastor. We all learn by asking questions, so it should be encouraged to do so about the Word of God.

I also wanted to thank those of you who got your children involved with the Kids4AL tornado relief project. We sent 12 boxes off this morning. God will get all the glory for this!

Here’s some things you can do for this week:

Monday or Tuesday  BIBLE TIME

Read: I Peter 2:2
MAIN POINT: When we read the Bible it feeds our spirit.
• Our body needs food to grow. The food our body needs are vegetables, fruit, meat etc.
• Our spirit needs food to grow also. The Bible is what our spirit man needs.

Spiritual Exercise:
1. What is your favorite food to eat?
2. How do we feed our spirit? (read the Bible)

Thursday or Friday FAMILY TIME

Read: Ephesians 6:11

MAIN POINT: When we become a Christian we also become a target for the devil, but we fight him with the Bible.

What You DO:
• If your children do not have Bibles that they can read and understand make a trip to the local Christian bookstore. I suggest NIrV or NLT.

• Talk about how reading God’s Word will strengthen our spirit man, so we can fight the devil.
• The devil will attack us with sickness, fear, doubt, unbelief etc.
• If you are struggling with something like this, then you find scripture or Bible stories that strengthen your faith.

• Ask if there is anything that anyone is struggling with right now?
• Then find Bible scriptures and stories that your children can use to fight the devil with.
• For instance: if they have symptoms of sickness, find a scripture or Bible story about healing.


Read with your child the story of the sower, Matthew 13:1-23. We read this story in small groups on Sunday morning so it should be familiar to them. You can also see the attached sheet which has several scripture confessions for you and your child to make together. We also did these in small groups on Sunday.

“I Love My Bible” – Wednesday Night series May and June
June Kid’s Word Challenge – The Book of Mark
Wet Wednesdays – Every Wednesday night in July and August
July/August Kid’s Word Challenge – The Book of Acts
Fitness Camp – August 1st through 5th, 9am to noon, $29
Kid’s CTWG – launching soon


GROW UP 03 – Scripture Sheet

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