Make a Plan, Set a Deadline

I have stopped talking about getting in shape. I am in week 4. I am running primarily and also added some cycling in. My goal is a 5k in August. I have always talked about it but never could actualize it until I found a regimented plan to follow. It wasn’t even my plan, I found it online. It was written by people who knew what it took to go from the couch to running a 5k. Find someone who can help you with your plan.

I also wrote a book like I have always wanted to. I did it by writing so many pages on a daily plan. I stopped talking and built a plan with deadlines. It is a devotional based on my pastors devotional. It’s not even my idea, I just wrote it on a kids level. Most of my best ideas I got from someone else.

It worked, and is working. I am not sure why I am so amazed, when I have known a long time that is the way things work. There is s difference between knowing and doing. What do you know and should be doing?

What dreams do you have that need a specific plan? Who can help you? Where can you get ideas from? Like Jim Wideman says, “ideas are like baby plans, feed them steak and watch them grow”.

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