Life Lessons From Ben Franklin


I’m currently reading Ben Franklin’s Autobiography on my iPad Kindle App. I had forgotten what an accomplished man he was since learning about him in my school days. (100’s of years ago it seems.)

Here’s a few of the many nuggets I picked up.

  • It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you don’t waste any time.
  • His list of accomplishments and inventions is ridiculous; bifocals, Franklin stove, fire department, fire insurance, library, gulf stream maps and more. I feel like such a time waster looking at his life.

  • He had a disdain for organized Christianity
  • He seemed to believe in God but didn’t attend church. One of the reasons was he found most preachers to be boring. I wonder how many people want to believe today but our methodologies keep them away?

  • He had his own virtue system
  • He came up with 13 virtues he desired to follow in life. He has a system where he would spend a certain time mastering each one. I have adapted this and started to list certain skills I need for being a good children’s pastor. I am organizing my reading and learning around that list of skills.

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    1. I taught these things about Franklin last year to my high school English classes. Too bad I was far more impressed with his accomplishments than my students seemed to be…

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