Learning From Mistakes

One of the ways we all learn is from our mistakes. We can even learn from others mistakes. In fact that is the preferred method. I believe sometimes we can fear mistakes and failure to the point where we don’t want to even try. When we fear failure, we become what we fear.

Here’s how to learn from mistakes.

1) Don’t allow fear of failure keep you from trying anything new. Sometimes we would rather settle for an old problem than find a new solution. I think we have to avoid getting comfortable with issue that we face rather than risking a new solution.

2) Take your shot. Sometimes I hear “Pastor Jason why do you want that person to do that? You do it so much better.” Please understand this, I couldn’t always do things as well as I do them now. Someone gave me the shot to make mistakes and learn. I wouldn’t have grown and developed had someone not allowed me to “sorry all over people” as Jim Wideman says.

3) Identify your mistakes. I think sometimes we don’t even realize that we are making mistakes. Evaluation is key to growing in this area. Sometimes it may take even another person to help coach us. Often we realize what we think is the problem, is not the problem.

4) Don’t make the same mistakes. Just learn from mistakes and don’t repeat them. As I told someone this week “make a new mistake every week“. Don’t make the same mistakes all over and over again each and every day.

5) Focus on solutions. We get off track when we focus only on the problems. Come up with multiple solutions. Implement those solutions. If those solutions don’t fix it, try something else.



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