Leading Through Difficult Change

1) Keep your priorities and schedule tight. Have or develop a routine, even if its temporary. This will help maintain sanity.

2) Pray for people involved. It’s hard to stay mad at people who you are praying for. I don’t mean to pray “Lord get ’em”. Really pray and intercede for them. Paul’s prayers for the believers are good for this.

3) Leave it at work. Don’t take it out on your spouse or kids. Work hard and play hard. Know the difference.

4) Remember that this too shall change. It’s all temporal. Churchill said “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

5) Find someone outside the situation who you can talk to. Get advice. Then get some more. Then for good measure get some more.

6) Stay positive no matter how negative others get. This will make sure that the only changes that happen to you will be positive.

7) Always make sure you are listening to the Father. You will never lose with following “thus saith the Lord”. (thanks Bro Jim)

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