Leadership by Joshua Part 5

In Numbers 13 we saw Joshua and Caleb returning from spying with a good report and the other spies having a bad report. In Numbers 14 things continue on. In verse 4 we see that the people want to choose a new leader and go back to slavery in Egypt. In America and the modern Western world we love Democracy. We enjoy voting about everything.  We see the people of Israel ready to take a vote here.

Tip # 1 Just because the majority wants something, it doesn’t make it right.

That certain is the case here. The majority wants something that is very much against the will of God. If we lead by voting and democracy, we will often make wrong decisions. We are the leaders and have to stand up for what is right. You can see joshua and Caleb about to be stoned  (verse 10) but then God’s glory shows up? Are you in a tough situation where it seems all is against you?

Tip #2 The glory of God is the only thing that can get you through that trial!

We then see Moses praying for the people once again (verse 13). He intercedes but God still brings a lesser judgement. They wound up wandering around for 40 years because they wanted their way.

Tip #3 Pray for those who want your head on a stake!







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