Leadership by Joshua Part 2

In Exodus chapter 24, Moses takes the 70 elders up the mountain with him as he ascends into the glory to receive God’s commandments for the people. They reached a point where they actually ate a meal with God. The 70 stopped there and only Joshua went on with Moses. Joshua is referred to as Moses’ assistant.

Being a leader brought the 70 further than the crowd, but Joshua was the one who got to go all the way to the top. Serving your Moses will bring you to the top of God’s plan for you. Joshua was there for the glory 40 days and nights. He was present for all the plans of the tabernacle and laws for the priesthood.

Meanwhile the people got restless and made an idol. As we see in chapter 32, Joshua comes down with Moses and points out the noise. In chapter 33, we are told that Mose speaks face to face with God and Joshua is there too! He actually stays after Moses leaves. The divine revelation your leader gets is shared with you if you stick close. This leads to your own experience with God.

This shows me a few things.
1- you need a leader who talks to God and believes in the power of His glory
2- you need a leader who believes enough in you to give you opportunity to hear together
3- proximity to your leader brings heavenly rewards

Proximity doesn’t mean stalking them. It means loyalty, openness, and respect.

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