Leadership by Santa Claus

I was inspired by Roger Fields post on “How We know Santa was Once a Children’s Pastor” and Jim Wideman’s jokes about how he has always practiced “Fat Boy” management. There is even a book with the same topic for sale, which I haven’t read.


Here’s what I’ve learned from Santa about leading ministry.

  1. He makes a  list and checks it twice. If you have an surmountable task you need to be doubly organized. The bigger ministry you lead the more you’ll need organization.
  2. He has some elves for help. You can’t do ministry alone, recruit you some help. Duplicate yourself in others and learn to raise up leaders.
  3. He uses magic. Well we don’t have magic but we do need the supernatural. If you can do it without God, it ain’t God.
  4. He dresses to impress. The clothes may not make the man but they do matter. Appearances do matter. What you look like effects your ability to lead others. You may not like that but its true. I know that my leadership has changed as my appearance has changed. I am not saying you have to wear a red suit or even a tuxedo but you do need to be aware of appearances. Even the Bible says that appearances matter.
  5. He works all for one day a year. You need to work towards goals. Santa plans all year for his big event. Make your weekends count. Make your big events count. There are no re-dos.
  6. He’s got a great heart. Santa is giving and kind. He serves all mankind. Never forget why you do ministry. Its not for the fame, the power, the money (lol), or the authority. We do it for the King of Kings. Everything we do for kids, parents, and volunteers we are really doing unto Jesus (Matthew 24:34-45). Whether is being patient or blowing up, we’ve done it unto Jesus. On the flip side, anything that’s done unto us, is done unto Jesus. That means when your treated like a heel or made to feel like the champion you are, they are doing it unto the Lord. This is the secret to not taking things too personally good nor bad. This will keep you humble and encouraged at all times.

Originally posted December 2012, reposted December 2018.

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