Keep Them Wanting for More

One of the principles I live by in children’s ministry is “keep them wanting for more”. What do I mean by that? When I first started out it didn’t take me long to figure out what kids liked. I would do a game, song or activity and if kids liked it I would beat it to death. I would use it every week until the kids would go from liking it to hating it. As I grew older I gained some wisdom. When I find something the kids like to do I don’t allow it to get overexposed.

This allow me to use things longer and keep them fresh. I now like to find what works and almost have the kids beg to see more of it. Think about it like this. Have you ever had a house guest who overstayed their welcome? I have. I probably even have stayed too long as a guest in the past.  Leaving before your welcome wears out is key. I’m not saying to get in a hurry but also don’t stay forever. I’d rather leave a person saying, “I’d like more of that” rather than “That was too much.”


What say you?


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