It's the end of the world as we know it!


I love post-apocalyptic fiction. One of my favorite shows was/is Jericho (R.I.P.). It gets me thinking. If we lost electricity and all technology, how would I do kidmin? Where would I get my ideas without the Internet? Could I lead dynamic worship without flashy lights and amazing projector screens? How would I get awesome objects without I need Oriental Trading Company for prizes and small group supplies.

Think about it, if all the bells and whistles were gone, what would you have left? What is the foundation of our ministries? After thinking about it, I know I could be successful in children’s ministry because those things are just peripheral. As long as I had my team, we’d be good. Just like the characters in the movies and tv shows who band together to survive, we need each other. In this crazy world, community is the only way to survive and thrive.

We need each other. God made us that way. Who can you add to your circles? Who do you need to survive the “apocalypse”? Who are your mentors? Who are you mentoring? Link arms and stay on mission.

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