If it’s everyone else, it’s not everyone else.

apparently say this a lot
I apparently use this saying a lot. Here’s my friend Pastor Jacob Leblanc wearing it and my likeness on a t-shirt he had made.

We all go through times in life where it seems everyone and everything is out to get us. I know I have gone through seasons of life where I feel like everyone is against me. The problem with thinking that “everyone else” is the problem is that we eliminate the common denominator, ourselves. If we’re always lookin to blame others for our issues we may be missing the true culprit.

I know in my life I seemingly run up against the same trials again and again. It would be easy for me to blame those on someone else but what I’ve come to realize is that blaming everyone else never sparks me to grow. Self reflection and prayer often reveals that I’m the issue. Putting the blame on others stunts my emotional, spiritual, and mental growth.

I am the common denominator in all my issues. I am the only person who I can truly control. Everyone else’s behavior is up to them. I’m responsible for my attitude, emotions, and responses. Today I will stop blaming others for the situations I find myself in and start looking in.

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