I Plead Guilty

I have realized that I have been guilty of several things in the past.   The first step in change is to admit that you have been wrong.

  1. I assumed that everyone learns like I do.
    I am a self taught person in almost every skill set I possess. I have an innate ability to figure out things on my own. What I am realizing is not everyone learns like that. Some people are terrified at the sink or swim training method. One thing I have done is to take every thing I want a person to do and break it down into manageable steps and checklists.
  2. I was more worried about building the ministry instead of building people.
    I find myself loving ministry more than the people involved. I know this is wrong. If we build people, we will find our ministry growing as a result, not the other way around.
  3. I  looked for the next big thing instead of examining the small things.
    Jesus told us that if we were faithful in little, we’d be faithful in much. Most of the time I’d rather just have the much and skip the little.
  4. I  believed that vision would stick on its own.
    I heard someone once say that vision leaks. Its as if its put in a bucket with holes in it. We have to constantly keep refilling people with vision because it is always going to be depleted.  Sharing the vision once or twice is not enough. I have to talk about it all the time, even when I don’t feel like it.
  5. I was too much about myself.
    I have always thought that my independent spirit and I-don’t-need-nobody attitude were my biggest strengths. Everyone else looks at them as my biggest weakness. I do need you to do what God has for me. I need to rely on others as much as I rely on me.
  6. I was more concerned with to-do lists rather than to-hug lists.
    Sometimes I get caught up in what has to be done at the moment instead of who is there in the moment. It has caused people to have the perception that I’d rather be somewhere else and who can blame them? 
  7. I was perceived as a pushover.
    Sometimes I have a tendency to be too laid back. I believe my mantra has been “I’m easy like Sunday morning”. I take pride in being so easy to get along with. I am finding a more balanced approach to this.



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