I am Spartacus/Eric Newman!

One of my favorite movie scenes is from the 1960’s film Spartacus with Kirk Douglas. Spartacus and his men are captured and the leader of the Roman armies is demanding that they turn over Spartacus in return for their lives. Spartacus stands up and yells out “I am Spartacus” in hopes of saving his men from the tortuous death he, no doubt, knows they will face. His men will not allow this and they too begin to one by one stand and yell out “I am Spartacus!”

The Romans wind up killing them all but as I read “The Eric Trap” and its subsequent reviews, I also wanted to stand and proclaim “I am Eric Newman!” As I cracked the book, I began to journal and wrote these words:

Is this about me?

I see from the other reviews that I wasn’t alone. “The Eric Trap” has great sound principles of leadership. It presents simple leadership principles in a very unique method. It is a self-proclaimed “Leadership Fable” and I couldn’t agree more.

The book tells the story of Eric Newman, a children’s pastor who makes 5 major mistakes in life and ministry. This book is a collaboration by eight authors but blends perfectly as if written by one. Its overall style reminds me of Seven Practices for Effective Ministry.

I’ve made many of the mistakes that Eric has and I suspect you have too. I just have to ask: Where was this book when I needed all those years ago?

Make sure to pick up your copy today wherever fine books are sold.

OR You can win one of two free copies that I will be giving away over the next week.

Just leave a comment here stating
“I am Eric Newman”



I am @e_newman! http://pastorjasonmartin.com/?p=1793 via @thejaymart

Two winners will be picked at random.

Disclaimer: I did receive three copies of this book in exchange for my review.


Update: see all my tweets about The Eric Trap here.




8 thoughts on “I am Spartacus/Eric Newman!”

  1. No, I am Eric Newman.
    Well, actually, I am Eric Haynes, but you can call me anything if it got me a complementary copy of the book.

    When my kids were young, and we’d wrestle on the floor, I would yell out, “I am Spartacus” as I’d prepare to be jumped on by 3 munchkins. I’m not really sure where I had picked up the line because I had never seen the movie. So one day, I borrowed it from my local library…and was blown away. Later, after reading a book by John Eldredge, where he talked about God knowing our true name, I realized that my calling had some similarities to this man Spartacus, and in a weirdly spiritual way, God was calling me to help set myself and others free from bondage. To this day, this story of Spartacus keeps me focused on my calling and God’s mentoring of my journey.

    1. I am Eric Oldman.

      I recently turned 50 and have been asking myself what does a 50 year old Children’s Pastor look like? I’m still working on the answer. I’m not sure what five mistakes Eric made but if it’s only five he’s a newbie.

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