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This past Tuesday I preached my little brother’s memorial service. It was one of the hardest things I ever did. My brother lost his life to drugs. He had been clean for a while and eventually the various pressures of life got to him. His service was very moving. My sister recorded a song for him. The fire department he had been serving with over the last year all showed up. They treated Tyler like he had died in a building fire saving orphans instead of in a bathroom with a needle. I talked about hope and second chances. Tyler got some second chances in life and often more than not took advantage of that. I wish he had another chance today.

His life is not wasted though. Even in his darkest times Tyler was a kind and loving person. He was often without a place to stay yet he always found a way out. He recorded the video below while he was on the way to my house to bring my firewood (for no charge and with great joy). He didn’t always do everything right but he had a desire to do the right thing when he could. I encourage you to watch this video. I’m not saying Tyler was right in all his thinking but if more people had his mindset we could change the world. I’m not saying be reckless, but take a risk to help someone. I’m not saying to give it all away but maybe let go of something.

This week I talked to a young man on the phone who was looking for help and wondering if our church could provide it. I heard Tyler when he spoke. I told him Tyler’s story and how we as a church are here for the hurting. I know people were inspired by this at his service and many who watched it online. We pray as a family that Tyler can inspire you to impact your world too.


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