Growth or Maintenance?

When it comes to church structures there are many different types or styles. Really though there are two classifications of church structures: growth and maintenance. A growth structure is one that can be built upon to create something greater. A maintenance structure actually prevents growth from happening. I honestly believe that God won’t give us more people than we can handle. If we can’t minister to them effectively why would He entrust us with that cause?

So what is a structure? It is a foundation on which we can see God build something for His glory. (see Matthew 7:24-29)

What are the important elements or resources of structure in a church?

1) People – who we are

2) Facilities – where we are

3) Policies and Procedures – how we do what we do

4) Curriculum and Programming – what we do to share God’s Word

5) Vision – why we do it

We will continue to expand on each of these in the following weeks.

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