God's Exponential People Power

Leviticus 26:8 NKJV says:

Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight.

If you start with the math on the first part, a hundred should only put to flight two thousand. The hundred have five times as much potential power per person as the five do. That’s what I call “God’s exponential people power”. When people work together at a common goal we achieve more together than we can apart. People are the most important element in a growth structure.

To grow an organization you must first grow people. I used to just see myself as a teacher of children. Now I know that I am more valuable to the kingdom of God as a teacher of teachers of children. When I teach others I release God’s exponential people power.

Here’s are my steps to building a team that can release “God’s exponential people power”:

  1. Get the right people – recruit and win the right people to our team.
  2. Put the right people in the right places – sometimes this works hand in hand with part one. Sometimes we recruit based on need, other times we recruit on talent and desire.
  3. Build the people –
  • Loving people. If you don’t love people you will just use them.
  • Getting to know people: their dreams, hopes, weaknesses, strengths, fears and character.
  • Developing people: disciple, challenge, correct, teach and lead.
  • Duplicating people – lead and copy ourselves in others.
  • Multiply people – move beyond adding and into “God’s exponential people power”.

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