Focus Part 1

I was talking to a young man whom is in our ministry recently about doing altar calls for kids. It jogged my memory back to when I was first starting in ministry.

I wanted to be a senior pastor but my church needed someone to do children’s church. I volunteered and started. I had no resources except two tapes by Willie George about leading altar calls for kids. I listened to those tapes until they broke. I was so hungry to learn. I wanted to do well. I didn’t know how to do anything right but lead an altar call. Boy, could I do altar calls.

Then I got some puppet tracks from Jim Wideman. I wore those out and taught whoever would listen all I knew about puppets. Then I got a tape on storytelling and I wore that out. I got some books on object lessons and got good at that. I became proficient in that I focused on.

I have many more resources now but I noticed I am not getting the same gains. As I was talking to the aforementioned young man, the Holy Spirit reminded me how focused I was in those days. I’ve heard it said that you become what you focus on. How have you found that to be true in your development? I will be blogging about some of the things I have felt led to focus on in this time of ministry.



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